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Navyug Foundation – How Can You Help

We are fortunate to have a loving family, a home to stay in, and a place to work and friends to enjoy life with But the entire world is not so fortunate. There are many needy children who need nutrition, education and urgent medical care.

We at Navyug Foundation leave no stone unturned in ensuring that needy children get all the health facilities and medicines and also proper nutrition. You can participate in our mission in many ways. You can contribute physically, financially, and socially.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

- Mahatma Gandhi

These are some ways in which you can help the needy through our organization:

  • Volunteer: If you would like to join our cause, you are most welcome. You can teach underprivileged children, help in natural calamities, and also help in providing medical aid. You can also help in distributing food and blankets during winters.
  • Help & Support: Many lakhs of children die every year due to lack of treatment and proper nutrition. You can help in the cause by being part of our endeavors in distributing food, medicine and clean water to the underprivileged and needy
  • Donate: You can donate clothes, books, food and medicine and money to help the needy. Moreover there are many needy children who need urgent medical attention but are not able to afford it due to lack of finances. You can provide through donations and sponsor medical care for the child or children Thus by donating, helping and sponsoring children you become a part of our humanity based mission.
  • As a great man once said that “We are given a life to give it away.”, which means that without giving back to the society we can never be happy and satisfied and thus this is a great opportunity for helping the needy and to earn positive Karma. Contact us today and join hands in our human mission.


    Navyug Foundation is an independent, democratic, non-sectarian people organization working for the empowerment of economic and socially marginalized groups. We are registered in two provinces of India in Delhi (Registered on May 28, 2015) and under Voluntary Social Welfare Organization.

    We act as catalyst agents between the donors and the downtrodden, and efficiently and effectively using the funding received, we ensure that the disabled, marginalized and downtrodden are well looked after and given the basic human rights of education and proper nutrition.

  • Our Mission: To contribute to an environment of justice and equity to empower people to reach their full potential through a sustainable, integrated development approach.
  • Our Vision: Create a world where people, especially the hard to reach and unaddressed, will have equal opportunity to live with Dignity and Hope.
  • Our Mandate: To influence social change through building capacities of underprivileged communities.
  • Our Impacts: Improving health and nutrition, expanding access to education, strengthening climate resiliency, enhancing people’s livelihoods, and ensuring communities are governed more inclusively.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to let us know on social media, through the website or at [email protected].


Priyanka Singh

We appreciate their professional approach and transparent working. They give periodic updates on the project are quick to respond to our requirements. Our partnership goes beyond just funding. We regularly engage in project review and jointly explore opportunities to make the programme more efficient and impactful.

Sourabh Kumar

Navyug Foundation believes that affection is greater than perfection. The organization obeys the rules that if and when were planted, nothing grew.

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