Changing the world with Navyug Foundation !

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Changing the world with Navyug Foundation !

NGOs have helped to influence the change in the world rapidly where a large number of supporters help to raise and address the social cause. Navyug Foundation was established in the year 2015 has influenced social activities and served the broader public good. The team at Navyug Foundation reaches the most vulnerable people in society and finds innovative solutions to their problems. Navyug Foundation works primarily in the field of Education, Healthcare and Woman Empowerment. The team develop and implement various programs associated with these fields and evaluate the progress. It also encourages and trains people to work on various projects across the city.

You fight for what’s right, you set that vision of where we could be - and then you go after it yourself.

- Chandini Portteus

The healthcare programs by Navyug Foundation approaches and ensures a better quality of life for the people who belong to the marginalized section of the society. Campaigns, programs, and workshops are organized among people in society to promote public awareness and education of various social problems. Some of the projects organized by Navyug Foundation includes Mobile Health Solution, Food Drive, Education at Home, Woman Empower projects, and Safe Drinking Water Projects. Due to lack of treatment, every year around 1.73 million children dies in India. Navyug Foundation ensures that everyone in society receives adequate healthcare and nutrition services.

To change social and cultural norms in our society that perpetuate harmful practices public awareness and education is very essential. The positive difference is made through every improvement and hard-work strived by people in society. In a developing country like India, NGOs offers disaster relief and international development through various initiatives. Multiple operations carried out at local and global scale creates an impact on social welfare.

Some positive impacts of Navyug Foundation in changing the world includes –

  • Support integration and coordination of various services and protection systems.
  • Promotes and encourages the reintegration of children who are stigmatized in society.
  • Ensures to protect and secure children from child labor and child trafficking issues.
  • To deliver effective care and protection, Navyug Foundation helps to build duty bearers in society.
  • Helps to improve and understand the vulnerable situation of children in society.
  • Promotes preventive approaches for social problems that might arise in the later stage.
  • Development of community-based care and support participation of child-led organization and child-to-child support in the society.
  • Navyug Foundation helps to promote principles and standards of regional and international instruments and advocate legal and policy forms associated with Children Right for Change.
  • Various national development strategies, poverty reduction schemes, and social welfare measures are carried out by the team at Navyug Foundation.

Navyug Foundation has helped to form development projects that represent local interests and implements projects based on child education, child care, and health services. Navyug Foundation ensures to provide food security to the needy, basic healthcare to each section of the society and enables to empower the disabled and differently-abled people to become economically independent. Extensive training, supplemental education, and assistive aids are provided to build the next generation of people with disabilities.


If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to let us know on social media, through the website or at [email protected].


Priyanka Singh

We appreciate their professional approach and transparent working. They give periodic updates on the project are quick to respond to our requirements. Our partnership goes beyond just funding. We regularly engage in project review and jointly explore opportunities to make the programme more efficient and impactful.

Sourabh Kumar

Navyug Foundation believes that affection is greater than perfection. The organization obeys the rules that if and when were planted, nothing grew.

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